The 12/18 Week Course


Western Sydney Audio Academy offers audio training for students to achieve an in-depth practical knowledge of the many aspects of sound production and the techniques used.


This course focus's on recording, mixing, and pre & post production sound engineering skills. These are full and comprehensive courses with a lot to learn and comprehend. Short weekly tests are conducted in theory and practical. All courses are conducted through our commercial recording facility at R & R Recordings Studio in Blacktown, Sydney.


Students are learning and working in a professional recording environment, around professional lecturers, who are working in the industry.


The courses provides specialist microphone and recording tuition in voice, guitar, bass and drums, including professional external tutors that have a wealth of experience in these areas as well as providing the student with in-depth knowledge and experience on how to correctly record these instruments. These sessions also focus on how to get the best performance from the musicians you are recording.


Course content incorporates both analogue and digital technologies to ensure our students receive training and understanding in new and past recording/mixing techniques and standards.

Course Dates and Costs


12/18 Week Course

Monday and Tuesday  evenings, 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm for 12 or 18 weeks (consecutive).

That's 72 hours of hi-tech learning for the 12 week course

and 108 hours for the 18 week program.


Next Courses are

Please call to confirm start date.

12 WEEK COURSE COST $1950.00

18 WEEK COURSE COST $ 2925.00

The class is limited to a maximum of 6 students. 

Tailored Private Courses


Call for a tailored and structured course for you. Don't miss out on your potential


$ 65.00 per hour and a minimum of 3 hour sessions


Tailored Private Courses


These courses are student specific and are tailored to what you really want to learn on individual topics. They combine a mixture of theory and practical.

These topics include -

* Digital editing

* How to use plug-ins


* Microphones  -  their types, placements and their uses


* Equalization  -  all aspects from foundation to advanced


* Compression, Limiting, Gates.


* Effects and their uses  -  reverb, delay, flanging/phasing, plug-ins


* How to setup a home studio

* Musical Electronics

* Maintenance & repair of musical equipment