Hi, my name is Robert Zimola and I started Western Sydney Audio Academy (W.S.A.A) to provide a professional education service to artists and bands in the western suburbs of Sydney and give them a firm understanding in the art of audio engineering and sound recording. In 1990 Western Sydney Audio Academy commenced and filled the gap Western Sydney needed in audio education.


The courses we provide have evolved from those early days, from cutting and splicing tape, recording on cassette tape. Now it’s a combination of digital and analogue.


Firstly we provide short audio courses which run between 3 and 9 hours. Some of the topics can be delivered on a One-to-One basis. These topics include:

  • sound & hearing principles

  • acoustics 

  • microphones & techniques,

  • sound design

  • how to use plug-ins

  • equalizers, compressor/limiters & reverb/delay

  • setting up a home studio

  • maintenance & repair of musical equipment

  • session proceedures

  • recording & mixing, and more importantly the whole analogue/digital recording process.


To complement these short course topics we provide 2 comprehensive courses which run 12 and 18 weeks respectfully.

The 12 week course is designed to give the student all the basic required knowledge in sound production, mixing and using effects.

The 18 week course extends our 12 week program by including the production of music and the recording and mixing of various styles of musicians and bands.

Students will be recording different styles of bands and then mixing the music and adding the secret sauces needed to make a lot of sounds into songs.

Each course incorporates 6 hours a week of lectures and practical workshops, whereby students will be applying practical hands-on work on what they have learnt. Each student is shown and then must perform tasks, record and mix various types of music, and communicate ideas. This is all practical hands on experience that you could only learn in a real commercial recording environment, as we have.


There will be guest lecturers, all professionals, all working in the industry with many years experience. The bands provided, cover a large cross-section of styles and recording challenges, giving each student that extra experience. 


If you would like any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us. I look forward to hearing from you!

Audio Trainer