R & R Recordings - Control Room

Our aim at R & R Recordings Studio is to provide exceptional facilities and service in a relaxed and motivational environment for all our recording artists.


R & R Recordings Studio was established back in 1982 which gives it a long running relationship with businesses and musicians in the Greater Western region of Sydney. With this vast amount of experience and seeing many new trends come and go, R & R Recordings has never stopped in its progress to be a premier facility for the Greater West.


Originally, it was marketed to record young up and coming bands to give them a stepping stone in making it in this fickle but lucrative world of the Music Recording Industry.

From those early 8 track analogue beginnings and with various locations to boot, R & R has evolved into a sophisticated production facility, used, and currently used by artists producing products for the Australian, European and Japanese Markets.


Our State-of-the art facilities located at Blacktown has been totally renovated and refurbished, and re-opened to the public in March 2010.


Entering it's 35th year in the business, "we have catered for a vast selection of music genre’s and styles, from pop to rock to country to our current trends in rap and hip-hop, we've seen it all".


We are not just a great recording studio; we run audio courses through our association with Western Sydney Audio Academy.Visit W.S.A.A just next to you for more information.


Why put yourself through the headaches of driving to a location when you can’t find parking and your load needs to be taken up flights of stairs or lifts. You can roll out and roll into our facilities with ease and safety, contact us today.

Western Sydney's Premiere Recording Studio