The Studio is equipped with the latest in modern digital machinery. Centrally located is the Yamaha DM2000 Production Console. A Mac-Pro platform is used. Digital Performer, Pro-Tools, are the D.A.W.s used. For those that want an authentic analogue sound, Tascam's premier 1” 16 track multitrack is used which runs directly through a modified 16 channels of Tascam’s M-600 analogue console (for those that want that fat, full, warm sound). Clients can now record either fully Analogue or Digital recordings, or a combination of both, your choice.



The Control room was constructed to have ambience so as to accommodate those long recording/mixing sessions.



The Recording area is intimate and very creative


Yamaha DM2000  96channel v2 Waves96 pack (digital)

Tascam M-600 16 channel desk (analogue)


MOTU 828 MKii, MOTU 828 MKiii,

Digidesign Digital 192 / PRO TOOLS HD,

Tascam ATR 16 track 1” Multitrack,

Tascam DA-30 MK ll DAT,

Tascam 122 MK ll Cassette Master,

Revox  B77 MK ll ¼’ 2 track


Tannoy Ellipse 8,  Tannoy Little Reds,

Grover Notting CR-2, Auratone ‘Cube’s’,  Alesis Monitor One.


Intel Mac 8 core 2.4 gig / 12 gig Ram


Digital Performer 8+

Pro Tools Version 8HD & 10

Synth's and Softsynth’s     

Roland JX-8P, Korg-800DV, Korg Kaossilator Pro,

Arturia  -  CS-80v2,  ARP2600,  Juipter-8,  Prophet-5

Native Instruments - Massive, Guitar Rig 5,

Rob Papen – Audio Damage 


iZotope - iDrum, OZone, Nectar, Alloy,

and so, so many more


Bryston 3B,  Perreaux PMF 1150B




Pre Amps         

Neve  Pure Path, ART Digital MPA II,

24  x  Yamaha DM2000 pre's

16  x  Tascam M-600 (warm pre’s),

Presonus  Blue Tube, Focusrite  ISA one, TLAudio FAT-2,

2x Custom Pre-amp’s, Behringer, Joe Meek Studio channel VC1Q, Millennia HV-3C


Apogee Big Ben clock

2 x  Creamware A16 Ultra Converters

Rack effects         

Ursa Major Space Station, TC Electronics M one,

Korg DRV-2000 Dig Reverb, Yamaha D-1500 Dig Reverb,

Orban Parametric 622B,  16 x  Tascam M-600 EQ’s,

Roland Stereo Flanger SBF325,

Publison CL20C Compressor/Limiter, BBE Sonic Maximizer 822, Behringer Tube UltraFlex


AKG SOLIDTUBE, AKG C414 B-TL II, AKG C535  x4, AKG C451,  AKG C4000, AKG D202, AKG D224 x2, AKG D125 x2, AKG D12, AKG D112,

Audix - D1, D2 x 2, D4, D6,

Audio Technica AT-2020 x2, AT-3060 Tube, ATM-25 x2, SONTRONICS – HELIOS Tube, SIGMA Ribbon, STC-S1 matched pair, 

CAD-M179,GXL–2200 x2, GXL–2400 x2, CAD–TRION-8000, RODE-NT-4, Sony MS-957,

Beyer-M201,  M260 Ribbon,Beyer  TGX-10 x2,

Sennheiser MD-441, MD-421 x2, Sennheiser e604  x2, Electro-Voice RE-20, RE-320,

Shure SM-57 x2, Shure  SM-58 x2,

Groove Tube GT40, Joe Meek JM37 DP, Pearl CR57

Studio Equipment